Yasai Ninja Download for PC

Yasai Ninja Download for PC

Yasai Ninja-PLAZA
PC game play of light Yasai Ninja Action and Adventure by Recotechnology SL and recently designed and built by the manufacturer for the PC platform is marketed. Kaoru Tamanegi and Broccoli Joe newest partner in adventure, Hack & Slash, with a heavy dose of violence, a combat system designed for one or two players, puzzles, lots of humor, friendliness and personal improvement are presented. In this game you play the role of a samurai vegetables that is going to pay all your enemies in front of its own. The game consists of several stages each of which has an ability to challenge you. I would not miss this game. You can now download the game attractive to powerful servers in Persian and enjoy the game.

Game profile Yasai Ninja:
Name game: Yasai Ninja
Name of the game (Persian): Ninja Yasayy work
Platform: PC
English language
Year: 2015
Manufacturer: Recotechnology SL
Publisher: Recotechnology SL
Style game: Action and Adventure
Age Series: +7
File Type: ISO

Download Instruction:
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Download: Click Here

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