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Watch Dogs on the idea of a new establishment and elements in the game are quite new and are an example of which has not been seen in any other leading computer game. And of course the most important new feature is the idea that there was hacking, something that was portrayed in the play well and was able to establish itself as the main element of gameplay and game stories pose. The main character of the game, a hacker named Aiden Pearce is wounded but his experience is the main strength of hacking in order to take revenge. Watch Dogs Open World is a title that you have one of the largest North American city of Chicago, where everything is controlled by corrupt regulatory systems and that there has to be a hero, and the city’s rise repression is not saved, but you expect it will win Aiden. Watch Dogs Ubisoft has announced that the story about two years before making the 2008 Games began writing the story of the game with the research team is able to reach to be subject to the game development a that. The story of the game development team is based on a simple thing, and the regulatory system in the community. Something that today in most parts of the world and even in the UK poster on the wall that it’s on the look out for you. Such discussion, in which almost all human activities under the regulatory system, allows in some cases, some people are unhappy with this situation and their bewildering. Watch Dogs is the story focuses precisely on this issue, the existence of the regulatory system makes it a powerful hacker to cause flooding and power to help their hacking, single-handedly fight the system.

As mentioned, the game is going on in the city of Chicago, where in other titles in the gaming industry has not been used much, and thus the audience comes to the question why the title for the Chicago selected larger and more attractive cities such as New York, of course, would be the main location of the game. Director Mr. Jonathan Morin as the main reason for the apparent contradiction Chicago has announced. Chicago is a city that looks very modern and stylish looks and advanced equipment, but in reality it uses the same advanced equipment to increase the level of crime and corruption, and this inconsistency to the story of Chicago The game has a good flow, which in popular GTA series has been fully respected and always places where the game is the same contradictions have. Ubisoft is also another reason for choosing Chicago as the main town there was also a large number of monitoring systems in fact the city has announced that the game provides believable story. Chicago area about 606 square kilometers, is the fact that if Ubisoft wants exactly this area of the game in the process also submitted an impossible task, though not yet the map of the play but due to the fact that the It has been tried as an Open World is definitely the greatest extent possible in the game there. Not long ago, the original plan was incomplete, according to which it can be inferred that the entire city of Chicago in Watch Dogs Ubisoft has covered.

Heck, efficient weapon
Watch Dogs can be a modern example of the Assassins Creed series is because the style of the game is quite similar because both of these titles in the style third person action with the difference that Watch Dogs will be the secret trying to a larger world to portray. Like the game that long ago when a clearer picture of the series Assassins Creed logo on the contrary, it was played in one of the images. Aiden company to meet its regulatory system benefit is, in fact Aiden or ctOS the regulatory system to deal with the enemy. Aiden can hack security cameras that monitor the position of the camera is seeing, and even identify people who are in the range of the camera. He is also capable of hacking a camera and hacked through the same camera, another camera in the area where the heck is that this game could be seen in one of the trailers. CtOS in a database of people in the city and Aiden by hacking into the database has achieved this sophisticated system. He is able to hack mobile phones to extract information about the persons in such situations that may come in the search for a guilty person in this case he can our way punishment a. There are more than 3,000 sets of character in the game, and Ubisoft has stated that it is unlikely you deal with a NPC twice in the 400 to 500 NPC will Dasht.hmchnyn different Aiden able to use the mobile Internet Wi Fi and hacking into the personal lives of the ordinary people home webcams also take road builders it would actually want to show that in today’s world and with such technologies in the true sense there and the privacy are constantly monitored. In the game there are many radio stations that you can hack it up and use it for their own purposes. Using a program called song sneak app that Aiden can get there in the mobile phone through the radio stations people listen to your conversations. Eden also has a digital music player and mobile phone, and you can hack mobile music more people gather.

Roll Chicago
Because as Watch Dogs on next-generation consoles are certainly making appropriate graphics. Ubisoft to make the engine as a new and powerful tool that has been called Disrupt can provide an acceptable graphics. As is clearly visible in the trailer of the game is the game of extraordinary detail and design of the game is very well done. Ubisoft to design a real environment before your exam in the Assassins Creed series has had so much time to work out and to rebuild the city of Chicago so far, and the show has been a great game. Lighting game given that the game is going on night and day, even though it requires great care the manufacturers have done well in between the hatching Game can not be neglected.

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