The Talos Principle Download for PC

The Talos Principle Download for PC

The Talos Principle-CPY
There has always played a big role in such an attractive genres, action, adventure and competition, more players to play in this game genres attracted large companies with respect to this issue and to assess market trends , to produce games that should be in the range of these genres. In the shadow of genres popular genres like puzzle games are usually made in the genre, same quality with popular genres, and certainly no less welcome are facing. But The Talos Principle is a puzzle game and a puzzle (Puzzle) with a first-person perspective is not only able to shade themselves from the action or role-playing game genres ers, but their name as one of the best and The most well-made games of 2014 registered. In this game, in addition to the usual jigsaw puzzles and challenging, riddles and puzzles in the philosophy of science that really engages the player’s mind, and he would have to wonder.

This puzzle game has a very good score for Game Review sites and at the E3 Expo 2014, to be known as one of the best games.

The introduction of plug-ins that can be downloaded (DLC) game :

Serious: this plugin compelling voice in the background is the game that led to the famous and evocative sound of Serious Sam replaces. If the old players, you play Sam’s incredibly beautiful and exciting for you to remember that you’re serious. Another change that this extension applies to the game is that a playable character adds to the game and no one but Serious Sam!

Prototype: This plug-in addition to the two new voice for voice guidance, more than 100 puzzles and a special stage that had been removed from the final version of the game to play it back!

Download Instruction:
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