Ridge Racer: Unbounded Download for PC

Ridge Racer: Unbounded - BLACKBOX - SKIDROW

Ridge Racer: Unbounded – BLACKBOX – SKIDROW

Ridge Racer: Unbounded – BLACKBOX – SKIDROW

One of the most beautiful games of cars that did not have much volume was published in 2012, playing Ridge Racer: Unbounded, which despite the low volume of this game is so graphic, it’s not that big game to come Racing. Play Ridge Racer: Unbounded Bugbear Entertaiment production company and has designed for PC’s and large companies announced Namco Bandi Games.

In this post we have the full version of the game with all of the DLC we have prepared for you to download. This game is a new style of racing game brings you into the exciting and adrenaline in the tournament will end. Playing around New York City to pursue and beautiful environments including city streets, commercial areas, refineries and ports in the game as the racing tracks have been considered. You have to compete in a professional hard drive, pass a test and get the necessary skills for professional competitions. In this game, 40 different classes of cars, beautiful, big, fast and powerful cars of different brands are present. The ability to play online and you can pay online with your friends to compete. In the version that we have prepared for you to download, DVD LCD of Machin and the Hearse DLC, Type 4 Machine and E1 Mariachi Pack DLC, 7 Machine and the Gallow s Pack DLC and Extended Pack: 3 vehicles 5 Paint job DLC it is placed. The time now Gzvh version of the famous and authentic RG Mechanics played Ridge Racer: Unbounded PC with 1.1 GB of size DL in more games you can download direct link.

The minimum system requirements for the game:

OS: [Windows XP, Vista SP2 32-bit, 7. [Windows up to date and latest service pack installed
Processor: Dual Core Athlon x2 2.6 GHz or Intel Equivalent
Graphics Card: 512MB RAM, ATI Radeon 4850 or higher, NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GT or higher
RAM requirements: 2GB Ram
Graphics adapter: Directx v9.0c
Hardisk required: 3GB Free  

Download: Click Here

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