Machinarium Download for PC

Machinarium Download for PC
Machinarium Download for PC

Adventure Machinarium (Machinarium) land vehicles, a good example to prove the claim that having a good idea and taste can be to create a masterpiece. The first thing that comes to mind about the game Machinarium, graphic art is great. All scenes are designed by hand and every image is so detailed that stared hours.
Classic point-and-click adventure games and scenes are fixed. But manufacturers to design animated and static backgrounds live very simple, like birds that fly in the air, cleaning robots that are working in the background or characters that each do. You’re in the role of a robot named Joseph and his friend to save the city from the hands of evil men trying to get sex. You will solve many puzzles in the game and you deal with others.
Machinarium-RG MECHANICS

The second thing that attracted my attention is that the game is a long story and quality, designed by Adobe Flash! When you play it in the right-click menu, you see the familiar About Adobe Flash, discovered.
Machinarium is a great story because the narrative is given more attention than usual. The story begins where the robot champion, by a ship becomes waste outside the city of exile. Constructors using all the techniques of storytelling (except dialogue)! Curious to know the story of the robot you miserable and love their city and their relationship with criminal groups. Flshbkhay story of the hero played by a black cloud over his head and displayed to the final puzzle before reaching the top of the tower and did not understand what was the matter. During the game, in the same stand, Flshbkhayy protagonist is shown in the past that are worth looking at.
Instrumental and still quiet and charming soundtrack of the game and do that Hradvnchr game, remember the famous game Neverhood happen. The mood was extremely close, and the difficulty of puzzles Nvrhvd not enough. The initial puzzles are limited to closed scenes, but as you go, puzzles scattered in different locations, and the these days in search of clues to a mystery waiting to become.
One striking point in the game, breaking all traditional forms of adventure puzzles. For example, in one part of the game you can see a panel with two broken lights that light needs to launch a full 2. Adventure game experience says that we have to follow 2 LED lights to replace the look but in fact only one other found in the entire game! Or in one of the puzzles, the Air Intelligence ask you cross the dam, he asks, but the key is to only give the wrong answer. Deconstruction of this during the game Machinarium is causing a lot of the game is hard. Enable help option at the top of the image, the first thing to do in each scene because without it is impossible to understand what is the purpose.
Other special features can be disabled Machinarium hot spots at the scene said. Despite all the arcade games in the game only critical points of interaction in which robots are available and if your character is standing in the right corner of the stage, not to the left until you can not understand the interaction button left corner of the image or not. . Machinarium robot hero can be somewhat long and short Qdsh that this feature is used to solve many puzzles.
Machinarium is one of the best adventure games of recent years, which can be unforgettable, memorable moments for fans of the genre to an end. This game does not lose.
Manufacturer: Amanita Design
File size: 474 MB
Source: PC Download

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