Diablo II Download for PC

Diablo II + Expansion Set

Diablo II + Expansion Set

Diablo II + Expansion Set

After the great success of the first edition in 2001 Diablo won the second edition of the game of Diablo II was released. Diablo main story revolves around a battle between heaven and hell was going on. Tristram city is under attack not only killed the demons fear God or Diablo calm returns that this can be done only by the hero . It was the first version of the hero through various managed to kill 16 black hole to destroy Diablo and Diablo stone him to make sure his head is inside the prison, and this is Diablo 2 story begins.

Diablo object to conquer the hero once again finds new life and free up other demons began to fail, and the city is a must, along with the other champions battle and he and his men planet and go Diablo on. During play and a variety of items to power up the main character, which you can get by killing the Boss of them to grab and use them against Diablo and his men. If you’re a fan of the Diablo series Diablo 2 Do not miss opportunities beautiful game.
Diablo 2: Lord of Destruction Diablo II: Lord of Destruction expansion pack is called Diablo 2 version has been released. Unlike the original Diablo development version, this is the first version of Blizzard North. Add the contents of the package includes new characters, weapons and diverse is the fifth sense.



Game Information:
Game Name: Diablo 2 expansion pack +
Name of the game: Diablo II Expansion Set + Diablo II
Year: 2001
Platform: PC
Manufacturer: Blizzard North
Publisher: Blizzard Entertainment
Style game: Action
Download: Click Here

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