9 Sep 2019

Creature in the Well Download For PC

Creature in the Well – HOODLUM Creature in the Well is an extremely fast-paced, fast-paced hack-and-slash effect that runs on the dreaded black hole. In this game you play as the last unit of BOT-C forces and you
14 Aug 2019

Room 208 Download For PC

Room 208 – CODEX Room 208’s story is set in a quiet, quiet city, and we enter an old, historic hotel. This game tells us a story of the minds of the locals and examines the strange deaths
13 Aug 2019

Bear With Me: The Lost Robots Download For PC

Bear With Me: The Lost Robots – PLAZA Bear With Me The Lost Robots is one of the attractive gameplay series mini Bear With Me is in the style of point and click is supplied and you can
7 Aug 2019

Etherborn Download For PC

Etherborn – PLAZA – REPACK Etherborn can be considered a great puzzle-style jump that will surprise your eyes. This puzzle game is made up of environmental puzzles and is based on exploring the environment and understanding the changing
6 Aug 2019

Dark Deception Download For PC

Dark Deception [Chapter 2 And Chapter 3] – PLAZA Death is always waiting for you in Dark Deception! A first-person, scary, and puzzle game that was released for free on the Steam network, and needed to be purchased
5 Aug 2019

7th Sector Download For PC

7th Sector [DLC Included Till Museum] – PLAZA The 7th Sector invites you to the mysterious world of cyberpunk where you have to pave the way for solving difficult technical puzzles. You have to face different dangers and
25 Jul 2019

Tetris Effect Download For PC

Tetris Effect – FiTGiRL – CODEX This version of the game, in addition to all the features of the PlayStation version, you can apply changes to the game graphics settings. The game is supposed to support the super-monitor. One
18 Jun 2019

Return of the Obra Dinn Download For PC

Return of the Obra Dinn – SiMPLEX – Razor1911 Return of the games to you Obra Dinn take a world that should be in it for the adventure and an environment with limited colors, Providence. Play in
8 Jun 2019

Observation Download For PC

Observation – FiTGiRL – HOODLUM New game creators of the Untold Stories behind the camera of your artificial intelligence puts a space station; when it impacts events occur. New Studio code (No Code) with the company Diwalor (Devolver
6 Jun 2019

Slay the Spire Download for PC

Slay the Spire – qoob – [V1.2.0 + DLC Jade Sea] – PLAZA Finally, the final version of the Spire in the 15th game Slay January 2019 are published on the net. This game is played for