18 Jul 2019

Danganronpa Trigger Happy Havoc Download for PC

Danganronpa Trigger Happy Havoc Download for PCDanganronpa Trigger Happy Havoc – Hi2U Danganronpa Trigger Happy Havoc  is a game adaptation of the anime series Trigger Happy Danganronpa Havoc. This game by the Studio of the celebrated name
28 Jun 2018

Old Mans Journey Download for PC

Old Mans Journey – REPACK – HI2U The Old Man’s Journey game is a mysterious adventure whose story is about life, loss, reconciliation and hope. The world of this game is designed with a hand full of
28 Mar 2018

Toddler Simulator Download for PC

Toddler Simulator – qoob – HI2U The Toddler Simulator is a new game simulation game series that was made by JoshCorp in 2018 and released to the computer. In this computer game, you are set to play
9 Mar 2018

Bio Inc. Redemption Download for PC

Bio Inc. Redemption – qoob – HI2U After 9 months, the final release of Bio Inc Redemption is released for the PC users. This game is a sequel to the successful mobile version of Bio Inc. In
5 Mar 2018

Ragtag Adventurers Download for PC

Ragtag Adventurers – HI2U Download The Ragtag Adventurers game is a full-blown action game developed by the Prime Time studio. The game eventually dropped out of Early-Access on March 2, 2018, and became available to final users
20 Jan 2018

Bike Rush Download for PC

Bike Rush – qoob – HI2U Bike Rush is a new game in the series of action and racing series that was created by Axyos Games in 2018 and released to the computer. The Bike Rush computer
29 Dec 2017

Anoxemia Download for PC

Anoxemia – HI2U Everything was supposed to be a simple mission. All that I was supposed to do was collect some samples from a deep-sea contaminated area. But as soon as I left the ship to do
27 Dec 2017

TINY METAL Download for PC

TINY METAL – HI2U Download the game TINY METAL is a strategic and turn-based title that brings you a completely distinctly different atmosphere in Japanese games. This game happens after the deaths of the king of the
26 Dec 2017

Dreaming Chapter One Download for PC

Dreaming Chapter One – HI2U Dreaming Chapter One is a very beautiful first-person game released by the company Orange Valley and released by the same company for the computer, the style of the game is imaginative and
25 Dec 2017

Devilry Download for PC

Devilry – HI2U – RELOADED Devilry is a scary and Indie-style game developed by New State. In this game you live in your abandoned house on the outskirts of the city and you have to resist the