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Amnesia The Dark Descent

Amnesia The Dark Descent

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Many horror games ever made, but less able to play real fear to move the player. But the game Amnesia: The Dark Descent Amnesia The Dark Descent is a different game. In this game you get to experience real fear. The only other means of escape and hiding the display. The only way to survive in this Jnhm is nowhere to escape from the horrible creatures.

The game is going on in the corridors and dark caves. During the sudden rejection of the forces of darkness come upon you, and they want to destroy you. The only way to survive is hiding.
Daniel, the main character of the game, in a desolate castle is awakened and does not know why. He is suffering from amnesia. He was due to his past experience in a scary environment, mental health problems as well. Suddenly, with a psychological attack, and it can not be hidden.
One of the spectators as the game that it has been afraid to increase maneuverability, beautiful sound and inhale it. Sounds scary and strange, they always follow you.
The gameplay is tried some real-world simulation. For example, to open up and get to the bottom of the mouse. You can look out your eye. And secretly sneak your head in the room to see if it is safe or not. Oil and fabric can create a torch. Terrible things hate the light and the first game of their efforts is to clear everything off.

Required system:
OS: Windows XP / Vista / 7
CPU: 1.5Ghz speed
VGA: Radeon 9600 / GeForceFX –

Download: Click Here

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