Age of Mythology Download for PC + Extended Edition

Age of Mythology Download for PC
Age of Mythology Download for PC

Age Of Mythology is undoubtedly the best strategy game since his time with the best graphics and excellent facilities in 2002 may be the most sound in a word can be said that this game is going to be years of the supply it The game is a wonderful and if you play it several times you will not even bother. Age Of Mythology at the time the game website IGN 9.5 rating from 10 to receive the same rating reflects the strength and quality of the game time and the 11 years since the fans of this game of supply Again, it’s best to read and with the advancement of technology has made ​​strategic game that could get high marks at 10.
Age of Mythology Extended Edition for PC

Excellent sound and unique game in which all the main characters play different sounds made ​​and heard some of the secondary characters play Age of Mythology is different and you will hear no sound repetitive as well as music beauty battle is being played at the legendary battle mode to play. Age Of Mythology in the Atlantis story 3, Scandinavia, Egypt, and Greece is going to be a war, each with specific powers are different and in addition to all the mythological creatures, each civilization has a very practical and powerful who are range. In each of the civilizations that power above all other gods and mythology of the war will come to your help. For example outline lightning can destroy a powerful enemy, or 4 arc of Haydys can defend your castle. In addition to all this, with the option to upgrade their facilities to smaller mythology use your army more powerful than before it.
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